Bad Girl

Episode 7
Aired April 15, 1987

Guest Stars:
Amy Stock
Geno Silva
Nancy Everhard as Carol O'Brien
Levar Burton as Jason Evans

Michael Paré and Amy Stock
Produced by Gray Frederickson
Producer Michael Ahnemann
Coordinating Producer John Ziffren
Written by Michael Ahnemann
Directed by Georg Sanford Brown
Michael Beck, Georg Sanford Brown, Michael Paré

In a forgotten part of town, Levon and Sgt. Carol O’Brien approach an abandoned high school. Levon knocks on a
door and they are let inside an empty classroom.  While Levon goes through the motions of making a buy from two
men, a young woman eyes Carol suspiciously.  The woman finds the wire Carol is wearing and the situation quickly
becomes deadly.  In a matter of seconds, Joe bursts in along with backup.  Shots are fired, a dealer is killed.

In another part of town a group of young people are laughing and talking about school. boyfriends, girlfriends and
the future while they share the drugs they are able to acquire so easily.  In the safety of expensive homes with
manicured lawns and gated walls, death finds a young man while his friends watch.

Almost before the smoke clears, Joe and Levon are called away from their crime scene to investigate the death of
the young man in the upscale Willow Oaks neighborhood. Deciding that the crime scene was probably comprised,
they decide to have everyone from the party interviewed at Reisner. As the uniform officers prepare to take names
and addresses, one girl approaches Joe. During their brief conversation, it is evident that she is attracted to Joe
and before he walks away she asks for his card.

A relationship quickly develops between Joe and Callie Barton.  A relationship that quickly becomes a full blown
argument between Joe and Levon in the Major Crimes unit. Joe accuses Levon of trying to interfere in his private
life; Levon accuses Joe of becoming involved with a probable suspect.  The argument escalates until one of the
other detectives steps in to separate them.

While interviewing one of the girls at the party, Lt. Beaumont learns that Callie Barton was the one who gave the
drug to the young man who died.  Callie is arrested but given immunity because she identifies the dealer who sold
her the drugs.  Levon believes Callie is lying about where she bought the drugs and now both he and Joe believe
that her family’s money and influence will keep her protected.

The dealer who Callie identified is arrested but not until a shootout with the police kills his son and another man.
The dealer says he has never seen Callie and the drugs found with him when he ws arrested are not the same as
those that killed the young man.

Joe is angry with the system that protects Callie and decides to do some investigating on his own.  He follows her
to another nice neighborhood and watches as the gate is opened for her to enter.  After she is inside, Joe climbs
the fence and is able to reach the house where he sees Callie and a man together.  He hears Callie asking the man
to give her another name to give to the police.  When Joe tries to leave, he is caught on the premises by the
private security.

Joe’s job is now on the line.  While the department understands what happened it remains that Joe’s actions were
illegal and Joe is put on suspension.  When other officers in the Major Crime unit are angry with Joe, Levon steps in
to defend him.  Lt. Beaumont sends Joe and Levon on the arrest of another dealer provided by Callie.  When they
arrive at the location, the dealer has been killed but this time the drugs match.  Lt. Beaumont also learns that the man
Joe saw Callie with is also a drug dealer.

Later, Chicken confirms that the man with Callie is a major dealer in the area.  He also has a license plate number
for the car that was outside the house when the last dealer that Callie identified was shot.  The car is located and
when the man appears he quickly realizes he is being followed and a chase ensues.  Levon is driving his Jimmy
but Joe is driving an unmarked police vehicle.  They catch the man but in the process Joe damages the police

Later, when trying to explain the damage, Joe is told all is forgiven.  Not only his suspension been lifted, they are
able to go after Callie Barton because the man they just caught tells them that she is a dealer.

In order to reduce his sentence, the man agrees to help them catch Callie.  Unfortunately, she is smart enough to
suspect his motives and spies the camera in a window across the street where Joe and Levon are listening. Later
that night, Joe and Levon make a call to Callie.  Joe tells her that she’s will have to turn on her dealer boyfriend.  
The next day Callie arrives at Reisner to do just that.  While the Houston Police Department prepares to arrest
Callie’s boyfriend she is getting ready to travel to Europe.

HPD storms the house and the outside security is eliminated.  Joe and Levon get inside and confront Callie’s
boyfriend.  He tries to give them the satchel of money in his hand but they’re not buying.  He aims his gun and
fires and they fire back.  Later, going through items in his office they discover tapes he made of Callie drug deals.

Joe and Levon arrive at Callie’s home just as she gets into the limousine to leave.  Levon gives Joe the honor of
pulling her from the limo and arresting her.


Note:  I have a copy of a script for this episode.  At the end of the scene where Joe and Levon fight about him
dating Callie, Joe leaves the office and as he steps outside Callie drives up in her red Ferrari. He gets in and
they drive off.

Also, the script only refers to the Carol O’Brien character as “Legs,” so I believe this episode actually introduces her.
At the beginning of the episode, Joe tries to make a date with her but she turns him down.  At the end of the episode,
she is with Joe and Levon as they leave.  She tells Joe she has had a cancellation and they walk off together.  He
also calls her “Legs” but I don’t think the nickname is used again in the series.  

Oh, and if you’re wondering why Joe is driving a police vehicle instead of his own car …. He hasn’t found it yet.
That’s a later episode.

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