Episode 27
Aired February 27, 1988
Greg Mullavey
Guest Stars:
Lenore Kasdorf
Efrain Figueroa as Sgt. Esteban Gutierrez
S. A. Griffin
Mark Harrison as Dr. Tom Fraser
Nancy Everhard as Sgt. Carol O'Brien
James Crittenden as Sgt. Joe Bill McCandless
Special Guest Stars:
Greg Mullavey
Madlyn Rhue as Sgt. Annie Hartung
Executive Producer Jay Bernstein
Producer John Ziffren
Co-Producers Robin Bernheim, Robert Bielak and William Cairncross
Writted by Sten Berkowitz
Directed by James Quinn
Summary by JoeyPare
Arizona.  /  USA
        The kidnapping of a young girl and a former case involving a young man makes Joey feel that his job as a cop is worthless.  After finding the girl dead and discovering that one of the killers may walk free - LaFiamma walks into Beaumont's office and turns in his badge.
          While on a stakeout waiting for the second killer to show up, Levon is approached by the dead girl's father and, in an ensuing struggle, Levon is shot in the shoulder.  The father takes Levon, at gunpoint, to Reisner where the first killer is being held.
          Estaban and Joe storm an apartment where they believe they second killer is hiding and after a short foot chase capture him and take him to Reisner.  There they find Beaumont, detectives and a SWAT team in the hall and find out that Levon and the father are in the holding cell where the first killer is being held.
          Having resigned, Joe disobeys Beaumont and goes in unarmed to find Lundy handcuffed to the bars.  Joey talks the man out of killing his daughter's killer and makes him realize that his wife is suffering as much as he is.
          While paramedics are administering first aid to Levon, Joe meets with Beaumont and takes his badge back.
          (There is an excellent scene between Joe and police shrink sitting at a huge circular bar.)
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updated  February  12,  2008