For Caroline
Episode 30
Aired June 10, 1988
Guest Stars:
Alice Hirson
Sam Hennings
Anthony DeLongis
Rosemarie Thomas
d. Franki Horner
James Crittenden as Sgt. Joe Bill McCandless
Efrain Figueroa as Sgt. Esteban Gutierrez
Executive Producer Jay Bernstein
Producer John Ziffren
Co-Producer Robin Bernheim, Robert Bielak, and William Cairncross
Director of Photography Roy H. Wagner A.S.C.
Written by Robin Bernheim
Directed by Randy Roberts
Summary by Arrow
So. Calif.  /  USA
         When Ronald Corliss returns to Houston to attend his mother's funeral, Levon sees it as his chance to catch the man responsible for his wife's death.  When Corliss is put into the witness protection program, he reveals that he was hired by another man, Harrision Taylor.
          The pain that Levon thought he had put behind him threatens his relationship with Jamie and his partner, Joe.  Although he has been told to stay off the case, Levon cannot step aside.  He tells Joe not to get involved, but Joe insists that they will sovle this case together.
           When they go to talk to Taylor, Joe uses a little Chicago charm in order to persuade the secretary to let them see him.  They learn that Corliss was working for Taylor when Levon's wife was killed.
          After an attempt is made on Corliss' life, he escapes from protective custody.  Joe and Levon track him down but are unable to prevent the second attack on his life.
          Joe decides to try to convince Taylor's secretary to help them.  At first she refuses, but later has a change of heart and takes the paperwork implicating Taylor in the Tumbleweed scam which was the case Levon was working on at the time of Carolin's death.
          Levon intercepts the secretary when she tries to deliver the papers to Joe and she reluctantly hands them over to him.  Levon then goes after Taylor alone, but Joe is not far behind.
          As Taylor tries to escape, Levon stops him from boarding his helicopter and threatens to kill him.  When Joe arrives, Levon tells him that he's not going to let Taylor get away.  Joe quielty looks away, telling Levon that he won't stop him.
          Levon's true nature kicks in and he turns Taylor over to Joe.
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