Episode 9
Aired April 29, 1987
Guest Stars:
Lance Kerwin
Jim Staskel
Royce D. Applegate
James Crittenden as Sgt. Joe-Bill McCandless
Suzanne Snyder
Madlyn Rhue as Sgt. Annie Hartung
Michael Pare, Madlyn Rhue, Michael Beck
Produced by Gray Frederickson
Producer Michael Ahnemann
Coordinating Producer John Ziffren
Written by: Paul Diamond 
Directed by: Thomas J. Wright
         The gun Levon carries belonged to his grandfather, who was also a Texas Ranger.  In this episode, Lundy walks into a jewelry store to check on something he is having fixed, and ends up in the middle of a robbery in progress.  He and the other store employees are forced into the walk-in vault.  But -- he is forced to leave his gun on one of the glass counter tops.
          The gun which up to this point has been used for law and order becomes an unwitting accomplice in the robbery.  It is used to break open the glass display cases, then one of the robbers takes the gun.
          Along the way, the Colt falls into the hands of some WILD young kids who use it for robbery and murder.
          Levon becomes *OBSESSED* with finding his gun! So much so, that he is out of control and Beaumont suspends him.
          You know Levon - even though he is suspended he is still tracking his gun.  When he discovers where the boy and girl are hiding,  Levon calls his partner to come back him up.  Which of course, LaFiamma does.
          The boy is killed when he threatens Joe and Levon with the Colt.  Joe takes the gun as evidence, but assures his partner that he will return it to him at the end of the investigation.
          When the gun is finally returned, Levon knows he can no longer use it, so drives to one of the lakes within Houston and throws it into the middle of the lake.
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Summary by JoeyPare
Arizona  /  USA
updated  February  13,  2008