God's Will
Episode 15
Aired November 3, 1987
Guest Stars:
Mayf Nutter Adamson
Jo McDonnell
William Bumiller
Brian Mitchell as Sgt. Nate Holliday
Nancy Everhard as Sgt. Carol O'Brien
James Crittenden as Sgt. Joe Bill McCandless
Madlyn Rhue as Sgt. Annie Hartung
Supervising Producer Gregory S. Dinallo
Producers Herman Miller and Jon Andersen
Co-Producers Jeffrey Morton and William Cairncross
Writted by E. Dick Alexander
Directed by Michael O'Herlihy
Summary by Arrow
So. Calif.. /  USA
        An attempt is made on an evangelist's life and the Knights are called in to investigate. Their first suspect is another evangelist who may have a grudge against the Reverend Dale Summerfield because he 'took' a good portion of the evangelist's congregation. When they go to question the other man, they find he has been killed and the killer is leaving pages from a Bible as clues.
          The Rev. Summfield's largest follower and contributor is a very wealthy man who is also an invalid.  His son works for Rev. Summerfield's ministry.  When Joe and Levon tell the Reverend that the other minister is dead, he tells them that there is another man who wanted to buy his TV station who might be angry with him.
          After a second evangelist is killed, Joe and Levon decide that the Reverend needs protection and they take him and his wife to a farm run by a simple country preacher.
          Their investigation eventually leads them to the young man who cares for Rev. Summerfield's wealthy contributor.  When they check his home, their suspicions are confirmed and they learn that he knows where the Summerfield's are hiding. They reach the farm in time to save the Summerfield's, but the young man is shot and killed as he attempts to finish his 'mission.'  They do not believe the misguided young man was working alone, however, and despite their objections, the Summerfield's leave the farm because they feel they are out of danger.
          Joe and Levon return to the young man's home and, while they are there, they intercept a call from the wealthy contributor's son instructing the young man to kill the Rev. Summerfield. The caller becomes suspicious, however, and realizes he is not talking to the young man.
          Once again, they arrive just in time to save the Reverend from a fatal accident arranged by the wealthy contributor's son so he can be the sole beneficiary of his father's estate.. 
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