Gun Shy
Episode 13
Aired October 13, 1987
Guest Stars:
Paul Joynt
Carla Hero
Robert Hanley
Peter Fox
d. Franki Horner as Jaimie Kincaid
Dana Young as Eric Kincaid
James Crittenden as Joe Bill
Madlyn Rhue as Annie
Supervising Producer Gregory S. Dinallo
Producers Herman Miller and Jon Andersen
Co-Producers Jeffrey Morton and William Cairncross
Written by Elliott Anderson and Lawrence Levy
Directed by Paul Krasny
         Three night club owners have been killed within six weeks.  All have been shot at close range with the same gun.  The news on radio and TV is also focusing on a story about the one year anniversary of the accidental shooting of a 14year old boy by a Houston police officer.  The officer was Joanne Beaumont and, a few months after the shooting, she was promoted to Lieutenant.
          As Joe and Levon investigate, they learn that the owner of a garbage company, Gil Griffin, is behind the killings.  He forces the club owners to push his hookers, his machines and his drugs and when they don’t cooperate, their garbage is not picked up and it ruins their business.  If they still don’t agree, they die.
          When two of the people who work for Griffin turn up dead, Lt. Beaumont gives a short press conference.  One of the reporters tries to ask about the killing of the 14 year old boy the year before and the Lieutenant refuses to answer, ending the press conference by saying, “Case closed, cerrado!”
          Chicken learns that the owner of a club called “Jason’s” has a new ‘silent’ partner and Joe and Levon decide to use the club to trap Gil Griffin so Joanne decides to go undercover as the owner of the club.
          With Joe and Levon listening outside, Joanne tells Griffin that she owns her own machines and that she gets a better deal on everything else so she doesn’t need him.  When he pushes her, she ends the conversation with “Case closed, cerrado,” and walks away.  The man with Griffin saw the press conference on TV and realizes that she is a cop. When the line goes dead, Joe and Levon realize Joanne is in trouble.  While Griffin takes Joanne out the back way, the man with him goes after Joe and Levon.  He shoots at them inside the club and Joe kills him.  Griffin hears the shots and hits Joanne so he can get away.  Joe finds Joanne and she tells him to give her his other gun.  He does and she tells him to leave.  As she walks down the alley looking for Griffin, she remembers the other alley where she shot the boy.  As she approaches the end of the alley, Joe steps out of the shadows.  As she looks at Joe, she sees movement behind him and she fires, killing Griffin.  She gives Joe back his gun then turns and walks away.
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Summary by Arrow
So. Calif.  /  USA
updated  February 25, 2008