Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
Episode 11
Aired September  22, 1987
Guest Stars:
Cynthia Helen Harrell
Brian Mitchell as Sgt. Nat Holliday
James Crittenden as Sgt. Joe-Bill McCandless
Forry Smith
Susanne Reed
Barbara Whinnery
Madlyn Rhue as Sgt. Annie Hartung
Special Guest Star:
Robert Horton
Supervising Producer Gregory S. Dinallo
Producer Herman Miller
Producer Jon Andersen
Co-Producer Jeffrey Morton
Co-Producer William Cairncross
Teleplay by Nancy Ann Miller
Story by Jay Bernstein
Directed by Dale White
Robert Horton
         This episode has two separate storylines.  One deals with date rape; the other with a prison breakout.
          In the date rape, a man dates women he meets at a fitness center - who he feels 'has it coming' because they dress in leotards while exercising.  This episodes shows LaFiamma to be a women's rights activist (sort of), and he encourages the woman to press charges.  She does, but she loses.  After she loses, several other women from the fitness center come to Joe and tell him the same thing happenedt to them.
          In the prison breakout, Joe and Levon get involved with a retired Texas Ranger (Robert Horton of WAGON TRAIN)  who does not like the justice system.  The Ranger hinders their investigation and tries to stop an armored truck with his six-gun.  Levon finds a unique way to stop the truck.  They fail in the jailbreak which was attempted during a prisoner transfer.
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Summary by JoeyPare
Arizona  /  USA
updated  March  4,  2008