Houston's Hero

Episode 4
Aired March 25, 1987

Guest Stars:
Eddie Velez as Henry Lopez
Bill Green Bush as John Brisom
Bill McKinney as Sgt. Dale Lipscomb
Alice Hirson as John's wife
James Crittenden as Sgt Joe-Bill McCandless
John Calvin as Keith Blanchard
Produced by Gray Frederickson
Co-Supervising Producer Michael Ahnemann
Coordinating Producer Hudson Hickman
Story by Joseph Gunn
Teleplay by Joseph Gunn, Eric Blakeney and Gene Miller
Directed by Thomas J. Wright

A man lies dead on the ground while another man digs frantically.  At the sound of his shovel hitting wood, he
stops digging and begins to pry open the box he has uncovered.  His efforts are rewarded when he pulls a
young girl from the box.

The girl is the daughter of a wealthy Houston businessman and he wastes no time rewarding John Brisom,
the detective who killed the kidnapper and rescued his daughter.  While the officers of the Major Crime Unit
watch one of their own receive the recognition he deserves, LaFiamma has his doubts.  He tells Lt. Beaumont
that since Darnell did not have any of the ransom money there must have been an accomplice.  The Lieutenant
tells him he can pursue his investigation.  Brisom is Levon’s friend and mentor so he is not happy with LaFiamma.

After the press conference, Brisom’s partner asks him why he lied about how he tracked down Darnell.   Brisom
explains that he placed an illegal wire tap and he felt that finding the girl alive justified his questionable actions. 
His partner reluctantly agrees.

Brisom confronts Levon and LaFiamma about their investigation and Levon explains that it’s just rountine
follow-up. Brisom says that LaFiamma may be right to check out the Darnell’s known associates and offers to help. 
Levon tells him it would be wasting his time.

Joe and Levon spend the better part of a day watching the home of one of Darnell’s associates.  Their vigilance
pays off when the man returns.  They follow him into an apartment building but before they can confront him, he is
shot by Brisom who had been waiting for the man to return.   He claims to have come to the same conclusion as
Joe and Levon and it turns out the man had half of the ransom money.

Unfortunately, LaFiamma is still not comfortable with the case and he and Levon continue to butt heads until
Brisom’s partner tells them about the wire tap.  Joe and Levon check out the Darnell’s home and find there is
no wire tap.

Blanchard continues to show his gratitude to Brisom by offering him a job as head of his security and then finally
he gives him a boat.  When Brisom confides to Blanchard that there is some question as to how he found Darnell,
he tells Brisom not to worry.

When Joe and Levon return to the office, they are told by the Lieutenant to stop their investigation.  Levon has now
realized that Joe was right and that Brisom is hiding something.  Brisom’s partner is also having doubts and he
confronts Brisom.  Brisom and his partner go after another one of Darnell’s associates but when they try to confront
him, the man pulls a gun.  Brisom holds back while his partner enters the man’s apartment and is shot.  Brisom
watches his partner die before he shoots the man.  A young woman in the apartment witnesses the shooting leaving
Brisom with another loose end to be eliminated.

Joe and Levon determine that Brisom was actually involved in the kidnapping and they confront him as he is
attempting to make his escape on the boat he received from Blanchard.

Summary by Arrow
Houston Knight TV