Home Is Where The Heart Is
Episode 17
Aired November 17, 1987
Guest Stars:
Tom Everett
John O'Connell
d. Franki Horner as Jaimie Kincaid
Dana Young as Eric Kincaid
Special Guest Star:
Kay Lenz as Elizabeth Nolan
Michael Callan as Jerome LaValle
Kay Lenz
Michael Callan
Supervising Producer Gregory S. Dinallo
Producers Herman Miller and Jon Andersen
Co-Producers Jeffrey Morton and William Cairncross
Written by Herman Miller
Directed by Don Chaffey
         In this episode, the Knights come face to face with the hom eless.  Chcken's new cook, Elizabeth Nolan, is looking for her missing fiance.  As a favor to Chicken, they agree to see what they can find out.  Their investigation soon turns to a homicide investigation when they fear that Elizabeth's missing boyfriend has been murdered.  The murdered man is actually a friend of Elizabeth's and the loose ends Joe and Levon encounter as they invigate are due to the fact  the murdered man was homeless, just like Elizabeth and her fiance.  It seems that they have all been living in an unfinished office building.
          The owner of the building was not aware people had been living in his building and he realizes he must see to it that the people are removed.  What he doesn't tell the police is that he had hired someone to arrange for building to be burned down so he can collect the insurance money.  He tries to stop the arsonist, however, because he doesn't want anyone hurt.
          Because Elizabeth and her family are now forced to leave the building, Levon offers to let them stary at his place until they can get on their feet.  Elizabeth is afraid that she will get too comfortable there and she leaves after a couple days.
          Levon is worried about Elizabeth and he and Joe decide to try to find her.  Their fitst stop is the office building, however, the arsonist has already rigged the explosion that will start the fire.  As the fire quickly spreads through the building, Joe and Levon help Elizabeth and her family escape.
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