The Jungle Fighter
Episode 31
Aired  6-7-88
E.. J. Peaker
Guest Stars:
James Sloyan
Efrain Figueroa as Sgt. Esteban Gutierrez
E. J. Peaker
Martha Ferris
James Crittenden as Sgt. Joe Bill McCandless

Special Guest Star:

Robert F. Lyons
Madlyn Rhue as Sgt. Annie Hartung
James Crittenden
Executive Producer Jay Bernstein
Producer John Ziffren
Co-Producers Robin Bernheim, Robert Bielak and
William Cairncross
Director of Photography Roger H. Wagner ASC
Written by Robert Bielak
Directed by Jerry Jameson
Summary by
Arrow / So. Calif. USA
         Three Vietnamese immigrants have been killed and the community is up-in-arms about what they consider to be the insensitivity of the police department.  As they investigate the latest killing, the clues seem to point to a Vietnam Veteran.  Neither the Vietnamese community nor the Veterans are willing to cooperate with the police, but they eventually focus their investigation on a particular verteran who has a history of being violent.  Joe and Levon talk to his doctor and one of his friends, but both men refuse to help them.
          When a fourth person is killed, the friend is found nearby and he immediately becomes the primary suspect.  His inabliity to deal with his war experiences, being considered a murder suspect and the prospect of losing his family begins to push the man over the edge.  When Joe and Levon go to talk to him, they arrive just as he fires a gun.  Joe confronts the man and they end up face to face each aiming a gun at the other.  The man demands that Joe leave and Joe says he must first put down the gun.  A nurse who also served in Vietnam is able to difuse the situation.  She tells the police that he was with her the night of one of the murders and she is able to talk to the man and he confesses that he was actually trying to kill himself.
          Later when they talk to the nurse, she tells them that the doctor she had been seeing, along with the other veterans, was far more violent than any of his patients.  As Joe and Levon begin to investigate the doctor it becomes clear to them that he is the killer,  Meanwhile, the doctor goes to see the nurse because he thinks she is attracted to violent men.  When she refuses his advances, he threatens to kill her.  The Knights arrive in time, however, and they are forced to kill the doctor before he kills the nurse.
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