Lady Smoke
Episode 14
Aired October 20, 1987
Guest Stars:
Deborah Van Valkenburgh
Maggie Blye
Jeffrey Combs
Brian Mitchell as Sgt. Nate Holliday
Les Lannom
James Crittenden as Sgt. Joe Bill McCandless
Special Guest Star:
William Smith as Sonny Nash
Cameron Dye as Teddy Stark
Deborah Van Valkenburgh
Supervising Producer Gregory S. Dinallo
Producers Herman Miller and Jon Andersen
Co-Producers Jeffrey Morton and William Cairncross
Teleplay by Paul Diamond and Stephen Katz
Directed by Richard Colla
Summary by Linda E.
New Jersey  /  USA
         This episode begins with a ransom drop in progress.  It seems the Stark Brothers, Teddy and Frank, got the bright idea to make some quick cash by kidnapping Lisa Alcott, the teenage daughter of Houston's wealthiest woman.  Although the Alcotts give the appearance of being oil rich, in reality, they are broke.  In her desperation Mrs Alcott hires a two-bit private investigator, Sonny Nash, to help her retrieve her daughter.  His plan was to fool the Stark Brothers with dummy cash rolls.  Hundred dollar bills on the outside, but worthless cuts of paper on the inside.  The plot fails miserably, and that's where we join in.  Joe and Levon interrupt the party, the brothers get away, Joey collars Nash, and Levon comes up with the money.
          Teddy and Frank are furious with Nash for double-crossing them, and decide to place a call to KLHC, the local radio station, and ask to speak to Lois Smoke, an on-air personality.  Lois quickly records their conversation and heads straight to the police station.
          After Georgia Alcott arrives and fills the police in on the kidnapping of her daughter. Lois reluctantly agrees to help after a heart to heart talk with Joe.
          Levon and Joe endlessly argue about Lois Smoke and her dependability.  Then the call comes that the Stark Brothers want a million dollars in cash by ten the following morning, and Lois should handle the drop.
          Lois meets the Starks at the location they specified, with Joey hunkered down in her back seat.  The bust goes bad. Frank hits the gas as Teddy grabs the money.  Lois gets brave and leaps into the side door of the van, pushing the teenage hostage out.  Joey open fires on the van and shoots Frank dead.  The van with its dead driver hits the side of an old warehouse.  Teddy panics!  He grabs Lois and rushes into the warehouse. He shouts from a broken window, that he wants "the man who shot his brother."
          Swat teams and helicopters hover close, and against Beaumont's wishes Joey sheds his jacket and walks into the warehouse with his arms held high.  He hopes to keep Teddy distracted long enough to get close enough so he can grab Lois.  As he reaches the two, Lundy comes careening through the broken window with guns blazing.  The Texan shoots Teddy Stark dead.
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