Moving Violation
Episode 10
Aired September 15, 1987
Guest Stars:
d. Franki Horner as Jamie Kincaid
Christopher Thomas
John Dennis Johnston
Brian Mitchell as Sgt. Nat Holliday
Les Lannom
Millicent Collinsworth
Richard Bright as Uncle Mikey
Madlyn Rhue as Annie
Supervising Producer Gregory S. Dunallo
Producer Herman Miller
Producer Jon Anderson
Co-Producer Jeffrey Norton
Co-Producer William Cairncross
Written by Stan Berkowitz
Directed by Paul Krasny
         An off-duty police officer is killed while doing some private investigation.  The Knights are brought in when it is discovered that he was working on a stolen car ring.
          When Levon and Joe spot the daytime heist of an Excaliber in front of a popular restaurant, they tail the driver to a warehouse.  Once inside the warehouse, Joe discovers HIS car, a Shelby Cobra, stolen in Chicago months earlier.  In the ensuing battle they capture one and two escape - in Joey's car.
          When the suspects ditch the Cobra, one of them runs into a blind woman knocking her down.  As they investigate the neighborhood, they are directed to her apartment by someone who didn't want to get involved when he saw her knocked down.
          (There is a very good scene here, when she uses Joey as a guide in explaining her description of the man.)
          Levon becomes friends with the police officer's wife, Jamie, and her son Eric.  Joey eventually gets his car back, but only after it is used in a chase and taken as evidence.
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Millicent Collinsworth, Michael Pare,
Michael Beck
Summary by JoeyPare
Arizona  /  USA
updated  March  14,  2008