This series premiered
in the USA
on March 11, 1987

Michael Beck as Sgt Levon Lundy
Robyn Douglass as Lt Joanne Beaumont
John Hancock as Chicken
Michael Pare as Sgt Joey LaFiamma

Also Starring:
Leigh Taylor-Young
Guest Stars:
Eloy Casados
Eddie Egan
Alex Harvey
Linda G Miller
Mike Moroff
Marco Rodriguez.
Richard Bright as Uncle Mikey
Created by Michael Butler and Jay Bernstein
Written by Michael Butler, Eric Blakeney and Gene Miller
Produced by Gray Frederickson
Producer Michael Ahnemann
Coordinating Producer John Zeffren
Directed by Gary Nelson and Richard Lang
         The basic series premise is:  A slick and aggressive, exiled Chicago Cop, Joseph Anthony LaFiamma (Michael Parè)
and a dedicated but laid-back Texas lawman, Levon Elmer Lundy, Jr. (Michael Beck), are two mismatched policemen
forced by circumstance into an uneasy partnership.

          The story begins in Mexico where two men are plotting the take-over of Paluto Limon’s illegal arms business.
One of the men is Kip Cordon, a Houston private-eye.  The demise of Limon is the beginning of the story.
          In Chicago, Joey LaFiamma and his partner are having a nice dinner with their girlfriends when a local gangster
enters the restaurant.  Dinner comes to an end when the detectives see an opportunity to make an arrest.  While calling
for back-up, Joey’s radio alerts the gangster and his cohorts and in the ensuing mêlée, Joey’s partner is killed along
with one of the suspects.  In an attempt to avoid complications, the Chicago police department takes advantage of a
reciprocal agreement with the City of Houston and quickly transfers Joey to Texas.  Joey learns from his uncle that his
life is in danger because the local crime organization is looking to retaliate.
          In Houston, Homicide Detective Levon Lundy happens upon a crime scene where two men have been murdered.
He runs into his former partner, Joanne Beaumont, who is now the lieutenant in charge of the Major Crime Unit.  Major
Crime is investigating the deaths of two brothers who happen to have been part of the Paluto Limon organization.
Meanwhile, Kip Cordon has returned to Houston and is making plans with his lady, the wife of his partner, Mike Hale.
Being a private-eye, Hale’s suspicions have led him to the motel where he sees his wife with another man.  Hale
decides to follow the man and, as he pulls up beside him, he discovers it is his partner.  Cordon decides it’s time to
eliminate his partner and shoots Hale.
          Later, Lundy is instructed to pick up his new partner who is arriving from Chicago.  The two men are instantly at
odds.  LaFiamma is angry because Lundy has a message for LaFiamma to meet him at baggage pick-up announced
over the loud speaker.  Lundy is angered by LaFiamma’s unfriendly greeting and instantly responds with a comment
about LaFiamma’s less than American name.  The two men proceed in stony silence to a crime scene where LaFiamma
is sworn in and learns that he is now partnered with Lundy and they are working on the death of Mike Hale.
          The two men are constantly at odds as they proceed with their investigation.  Lundy believes that Hale’s death
has something to do with an adultery case on which he was currently working.  LaFiamma believes Hale’s death is
related to the death of his partner, Cordon, who supposedly died in Mexico.
          Trying to find some common ground for the two detectives, Lt. McLaren tells Lundy that LaFiamma feels
responsible for the death of his partner.  She then tells LaFiamma that Lundy feels responsible for the death of his wife,
who was killed in a car explosion meant for him.
          Eventually their investigation leads them to the conclusion that the Major Crime investigation of the deaths of the
two brothers and the Homicide investigation of the death of Mike Hale are connected.
          They learn that Kip Cordon is still alive and that he is taking over Paluto Limon’s business.  Their first attempt to
capture Cordon fails and although they put a dent in his illegal inventory, he escapes.  They then determine that Mike
Hale was investigating his own wife’s infidelity.
          Lundy and LaFiamma form a tentative truce when Lundy foils a mob hit meant for LaFiamma and they stop
arguing long enough to solve the case.  LaFiamma learns that his uncle, who is connected to the mob, has made a deal
that allows Joey to be safe as long as he stays in Houston.
         In their final confrontation with Cordon, LaFiamma kills him after he fires a missle into the car driven by Rose Ellen
Hale then sets his sights on Lundy.  LaFiamma has to drag Lundy away as he attempts to rescue Rose Ellen from the
burning car that closely resembles the explosion that killed his wife. 
          Impressed by their investigation, Lt. Beaumont has them transferred to the Major Crime Unit.
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