Single In Heaven
Episode 5
Aired April 1, 1987

Guest Stars:
Michael Sabatino
Shanda Cunningham
Mary Ellen Dunbar
Burton Gilliam as  Dr. Tom Fraser
James Hampton as Scully

Producer Gray Frederickson
Producer Michael Ahnemann
Coordinating Producer John Ziffren
Written by Michael Ahnemann
Directed by Richard Compton


A young woman, Rhonda, makes the fatal mistake of inviting the attractive man she just met at a local dance club to return
with her to her apartment.  The young woman was a friend of Levon’s.  She helped him get over the death of his wife but
they had both moved on and Levon had not seen her in a while.  He feels guilty for not having been there for her.

As Joe and Levon enter the crime scene a novice reporter, Danni, overhears a conversation between the two officers
and puts Joe’s comments in her story.  As a result, the killer becomes obsessed with Joe and begins calling him.  His
first call is to tell Joe about a second killing.

Levon’s guilt and Joe’s increasing uneasiness with the calls hinders their investigation and puts them at odds with each
other.  Their investigation takes a more positive turn when a girlfriend of the murdered woman identifies the name of the
club she frequented.  They decide to check out the club.  Joe brings the novice reporter and Levon brings Rhonda’s
girlfriend, Sue Ellen.  As Joe and Danni stand at the bar, the killer casually walks up to Joe and makes a comment.  Joe
answers and the killer walks away.

As the killer identifies more and more with Joe he threatens Danni after seeing her leave Joe’s apartment and later
enters Joe’s apartment while he is not there and takes some of Joe’s clothing, leaving his carefully laid out on Joe’s bed.

Joe has had enough and the next time the killer calls him, he threatens him and then hangs up on him.  Later, Lt.
Beaumont goes to Joe’s apartment to talk to him.  While she’s there, the killer calls again and says he is going to kill
someone Joe needs.  Joe realizes he is talking about his partner.  Joe calls Levon’s home but there is no answer
because Levon is with Sue Ellen.

While Joe and the Lieutenant rush to Levon’s home, Sue Ellen drops Levon off and they say goodbye.  As Levon enters,
he is uneasy, but pushes the feeling aside until he sees his phone is off the hook.  Gun in hand, he begins to carefully
search his home but the killer attacks him from behind.  Joe and the Lieutenant arrive and enter Levon’s home.  The
Lieutenant moves carefully but is also attacked from behind by the killer.  Joe has entered through the back and is also
searching.  He sees Levon lying on the floor and checks to see that he is okay.  As he finds the Lieutenant, the killer,
using one of Levon’s rifles, grabs Joe from behind and pulls the rifle against his neck.  Joe struggles but, as he begins
to lose consciousness, a shot rings out and the killer releases his hold and falls to the floor.  After checking to be sure
the killer is no longer a threat, Joe returns to Levon and finds him sitting up, gun in hand.  Joe assures Levon the
Lieutenant is okay and the killer is dead.

Summary by Arrow
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