There's One Born Every Minute
Episode 20
Aired January 2, 1988
Guest Stars:
Amy Stock-Poynton
Stephen Shortridge
Marshall Teague
John Carter
Behrouz Vossoughi
Nancy Everhard as Sgt. Carol O'Brien
James Crittenden as Sgt. Joe Bill McCandless
Madlyn Rhue as Sgt. Annie Hartung
Supervising Producer Gregory S. Dinallo
Produers Herman Miller and Charles B. Fitzsimmons
Co-Producers Jeffrey Morton and William Cairncross
Written by Nancy Ann Miller
Directed by Reza Badiyi
Summary by Arrow
So. Calif.  /  USA
Amy Stock-Poynton
         When Joe's date can't make it, he meets another girl at the bar who says her date didn't show up either.  Later they decide to go to her place for dinner and she leaves to freshen up so Joe goes to pay the tab.  He learns that the girl received $300 cash that has been charged to his credit card.  When he searches for the girl, she seems to have disappeared then when he returns to talk to the bartender, he also has gone.
          When Joe and Levon go to check out the addresss she gave him, they find the body of a young girl who is not Neely Lloyd. The Knights are now investigating a muder.
          It turns out that Neely and the bartender are con artists who scammed a mob collector who is now looking to get his money back.
         They track down Neely and are able to use a wealthy man that she and her partner had picked for their next mark to trap her.  The mob collector also finds her and forces her to complete the scam against the mark.
          When the mob collector threatens to kill her, Neely decides her life of crime has become far too dangerous.
          In this episode we also learn that Levon's father is an alcholic and he only hears from him once a year on his birthday.
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