Yesterday's Gone
Episode 6
Aired April 8, 1987

Guest Stars:
Michael Crabtree
Lora Staley
Lenora May
Bill McKinney as Sgt. Dale Lipscomb
James Crittenden as Sgt. Joe-Bill McCandless
Richard Bright as Uncle Mikey
James Hampton as Scully

Written by: Shel Willens
Directed by: Thomas J. Wright


Everyone notices Bobby Wilton as he enters the hotel lobby. He walks through the well-dressed crowd gathered in the
lobby greeting people with a warm smile as he heads toward the elevator. The door opens and he steps inside. As he
turns, he sees a man with a gun standing in front of the open door. Before the door closes, the man fires, Bobby ducks
and the bullet hits the man next to him.

In another part of Houston, Sgts. Levon Lundy and Joe LaFiamma are struggling with a young woman who had pushed
her “client” out a window. As they escort the woman outside, an awaiting officer tells them that they need to go to the Beau
Rivage because someone has asked for Levon Lundy specifically. As they wearily walk to Levon’s car, Joe spots a mob
“tailor” from Chicago. He radios to Lt. Beaumont and tells her that the man, Girondi, is here to set up a hit and suggests
she put surveillance on his car.

When they reach the Beau Rivage, Levon is pleasantly surprised to see his friend, Bobby Wilton. He and Bobby played
football together but they had not seen each other for several years. Wilton tells Levon that he has no idea why anyone
might want to kill him but Joe wonders if Wilton might know about Girondi.

The next day, when Joe sees Girondi again, he makes a point to stop and talk to him. He tries to tell him to go back to
Chicago, but Griondi says he can’t do that until his job is finished.

Levon is not happy about Joe talking to Girondi. He feels that his ties to the “mob” are dangerous. Joe is worried that
Levon’s friendship may keep him from being objective about his friend. As the tension escalates between the two
detectives, Lt. Beaumont learns that a Federal Task Force is in Houston and they have been watching Girondi. They know
that LaFiamma has met with Girondi and they believe LaFiamma may actually be the shooter.

Joe suspects that Wilton knows he is being targeted by the mob, he also suspects that the mob was not responsible for
the attempt on Wilton’s life. He calls his uncle in Chicago for information about why Girondi is in Houston. His uncle
agrees to look into it but is uncomfortable with Joes’s call.

Levon is gradually beginning have doubts about his friend and he decides to confront Wilton. The meeting does not go
well. Wilton chooses to ignore Levon’s questions, choosing to attack Levon’s life instead. After they leave Wilton’s office,
they realize they are being followed. Levon tries some evasive maneuvers before turning into a parking garage. When the
car that was following them stops, they pull up behind the car. Guns drawn, Joe and Levon confront the men in the car
only to learn that they are Feds.

Later in the evening, Joe stops by Chicken’s. He tells Chicken he can’t sleep and Chicken says it must be going around
because Levon has been there playing pool all evening. Joe taunts Levon's about his skill and Levon takes the challenge.
As they play, Joe explains why his uncle is so important to him and Levon reveals how he and Wilton became friends.
Levon tells Joe that he has to break ties with his uncle and Joe tells Levon that he has to let go of his tie to Wilton. Joe
insists the past is too important and Levon tells him, “Yesterday’s gone.”

Joe decides to talk to Girondi one more time and Levon agrees. Girondi tells Joe that Wilton had been laundering money
and was taking more than his share. They also learn that a prostitute working at the Beau Rivage can identify the man
who shot at Wilton. When Joe and Levon attempt to arrest the man, he pulls a gun and shoots at them. Sgts. Lipscomb
and McCandless arrive as backup and kill the man.

The Feds see Joe talking to Girondi again and have the HPD taken off the Wilton case so they can catch Joe in the act of
killing Wilton. Meanwhile, Joe’s uncle tells him that the hit on Wilton is still on and that Joe can’t call him for information anymore.

Joe and Levon rush to Wilton’s home but they are too late. They hear shots inside the house as they force their way past
the Feds. They rush inside and are able to kill the shooters, but they’re too late to help Wilton.

“My friend dead …. Your uncle cuts you off....Hell of day,” Levon says as they survey the damage.

“Like you said, Lundy,” Joe answers. “Yesterday’s gone.”

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