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Michael Paré

Michael Beck
"The Knights"
Sgts. Joe LaFiamma and Levon Lundy
... by Arrow

The Letter
The Knights are haunted by a bizarre string of robberies

A Houston Christmas
It's Christmas in Houston and a young girl is misisng

There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight
Atmospheric conditions cause problems for Lt. Beaumont's detectives

A woman wanders the streets of Houston searching for her identity

What a Day for a Daydream
"Yesterday's Gone" revisited

Embraceable You
A step back in time, Houston, 1933

Ghosts of Christmas Past
The holiday season is overshadowed by a young girl's senseless death

A look at Levon's past

Knights Before Christmas
Joe and Levon celebrate Christmas

Family Ties
Just another case

Ides of March
A bad day at the office


Other Authors
(Warning: "Slash" stories involve male/male relationships)

* note:  Houston Knights fan-fiction on-line is dwindling.  As web providers change or disappear
sites are lost that don't return.  The Houston Knights TV forum is trying to keep Levon and Joe on the job.


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